How to Install AWeber Web Form Widget in WordPress

You just began using AWeber, and you want to install the WordPress AWeber form widget? AWeber is one of WordPress users and traders worldwide, one of the most popular mail marketing services. We will show you how to easily add the WordPress widget of the AWeber web form.

AWeber E-Mail signup form on your WordPress site is available for you in many ways.  Three different ways are covered in this article and each has its own pros and cons. 

Method 1: In WordPress the basic form of AWeber

An built in webform builder is provided by AWeber. It is limited in the  possibility, but it would work for you if you just wanted a quick and  easy web form. First, your dashboard needs to be visited and the  registration forms need to be checked. Then click on the button ‘Create   new subscription form.’

This will start the registration form wizard for AWeber. The templates are  available with few ready to use. Additional fields in the left column can be  added if necessary. AWeber Web

Click the step 2 button next. 

This takes you to the settings page of the form. You will be able to fill in  your form by name, select a grateful page and a subscribed page.

Click on the’ Go to Step 3 ‘ button once you are finished. On the next page, the’ I Install My Form ‘ button needs to be clicked. Two kinds of code you can copy will be presented to you. Go forward to copy the code for JavaScript. Then go to the administrative area of your WordPress site and go to the » Widgets page. A text widget must be added to your sidebar WordPress. The default text widget for WordPress is the option for visual and text. To enter the code, you have to click on the ‘Text’ editor.

Don’t forget to save your widget setting by clicking on the save button.  You can now visit your website to view the registration form of your  AWeber email. AWeber Web

Any personalization you want can be made by CSS. You can use the CSS  Hero plugin if you’re unfamiliar with CSS. AWeber Web

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