SEO audit properly according to local SEO

SEO audit can be exactly what your website needs to achieve its objective. However, a full audit can be a daunting task. It could be quite time-consuming, too; and who has the time. Okay? We will therefore take you on an informative journey that will teach you in less than a week how to carry out a comprehensive SEO audit for a website. If you are overwhelmed by other tasks or just want to handle someone else, there are tons of professional marketing agencies that specialize in local SEO to help boost your brand.

Begin by Crawling

You should know its current status before you can fix any website. This requires you to crawl the whole site. Most agencies and contractors have their own custom codes to crawl and analyze a website. If you ’re not coding, other tools like the Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider can be used. The crawling tool must then be configured to behave like a bot from a search engine of your choice. To do this, you first set the correct search engine bot string and then adjust the crawler’s settings on how to handle different web technologies.

Testing A Site’s Accessibility

This process determines whether both search engines and users have access to your website. Use the following methods to achieve this.


A robots.txt file is intended to restrict the access of web crawlers to sections of your website that you do not want to access. Sometimes it’s very useful. However, it may be why search engines don’t reach your website. Therefore, you must perform a manual check to see whether the robots.txt file restricts access to some important pages. Google Webmaster tools will be useful here.

XML Sitemap

This is the roadmap used by search engine crawlers to access your website. You must ensure that all sitemap protocols are a well-formed XML document. An updated view containing all pages on your website must be presented. If some pages do not appear, the architecture must be reviewed and internal backlinks to these orphaned sites created. You can also easily find your website by submitting the sitemap to your Webmaster account for search engines.

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